IMG_0062 about barbacue in taos nmRichard Nance has always had a dream of owning and operating a barbeque stand. Growing up in West Texas , Richard watched and learned from his Uncle Bill, a retired cowhand who would barbeque for family gatherings.

Later, while working as a raft guide on the Rio Grande in Terlingua, Richard realized how much he enjoyed cooking for guests on the overnight river trips he led. After moving to Taos to continue rafting, Richard met Shera at a boatyard barbeque he was hosting and she recognized his incredible talent as a cook. After learning of Richard’s dream, the pair went on a trip home to Texas to see family and visited some friends who worked at a very successful barbeque restaurant near San Antonio.

IMG_0413IMG_1261All the way back to Taos, the two tossed about ideas for starting up Richard’s barbeque stand, which he would name “Jethro’s” (a college nickname). They decided to call it genuine Texas barbeque because Richard was determined to do it the old fashioned way he had learned from his Uncle Bill, using live oak hard wood and smoking it for 13 hours.

A month and a half later, on June 12, 2015, they brought Richard’s homemade smoker, two tables and a tent to a dusty parking lot near the center of Taos and opened for business. They sold out in an hour. Since then they have grown and made many friends and the people of Taos are happy to have a place to enjoy Texas-style barbeque!